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Dearest Friends,

To those I know and those I have not yet met:

On Wednesday, April 12th, 2012 eleven of the most wonderful horses in our industry lost their lives in a fire:

Affire Dance owned by Richard Wright and bred by Pat Kennedy
BA Bask N Fame owned by Jan and Vince Treibachs
CSP Red Hot owned by Susan Reimer Scott and Bill Scott
Dancing in the Dark  and Delphie owned by Marilyn Cones
Fire When Redi owned by Jeri Warriner, and Gene and Donna Warriner
Huckabye Baby owned by Gay Jeanne Bower
SF Total Recall owned by Mackenzie Mullis
SH Mmoon Shadow owned by Ralph and Midge Lindblom
Shezaladi owned by Richard Wright and bred by Shelly Marcus
Whispered Kisses owned by Ralph and Midge Lindblom

The helplessness of watching something like this happen is beyond words, but this post is an effort in some small way to express my gratitude to all of you who have made me feel less lost and more humbled.

Please keep Ralph and Midge Lindblom, the owners of the barn, in your prayers as they feel for the loss of not just their own horses, but for all the horses under their care. For those of us who feel that the next generation is lost, Mackenzie Mullis was one of the first to help me care for the remaining five horses and show me the meaning of grace, even while dealing with the loss of her beloved Total Recall.

Rich and Geri Mullis have kindly taken us in and, for the moment, we will be working horses there. Jim Kellogg and Doreen Anderson are helping me coordinate the logistics of rebuilding the stable and the lost supplies and equipment.

Please accept my thanks for the uncountable kindnesses that I have been shown and be assured that I will attempt to pass that along in kind.

Life has shown itself to be amazingly cruel, but thanks to all of you, unbelievably kind.
We decided this should be titled "Some people just don't know when to quit". The bit wall and show bridles were in this area of the barn and we wanted to try to salvage some of the bits at least. Show Horse Tack is helping us to rebuild the collection. I will work the rest of my life to repay the kindness I have been shown. The hardest thing about the loss of all those wonderful horses is thinking that I would not honor their memory adequately. Saddlers Row was kind enough to make me a wonderful belt with all their names on it. They are with me every day, and I miss them every day, but still a part of our going forward.

From his first Top Ten awards at the US Nationals in 1972, Richard Wright has bought, sold, and trained some of the most successful horses in the country, and has shown to Top Ten or better a horse in nearly every division available to the Arabian and Half-Arabian horse. In addition to awards that he himself has won he has coached numerous amateur and youth exhibitors to the top in their respective divisions as well as producing numerous National Champion equitation riders. His judging duties have included US Nationals, Youth Nationals, the National Show Horse Finals, and he has judged in Canada and South Africa as well. While a competitive presentation is the goal for his horses and riders, it is his love of the Arabian horse and its beauty that remains the focus of his efforts.


since 1979

Arabian Horse Association and National Show Horse Judge
(R ) rated since 1998
( R ) rated since 1989
National/Regional Accredited 1999
USEF Licences in Sadde Seat, Saddlebred, and Morgan
Specialty ratings for Saddle and Stock Seat Equitation
AHA Clinician
UPHA Clinician

Richard Wright has been actively involved and employed in the Arabian
Horse industry in the United States for over thirty (30) years.
Charter Member of the Arabian Professional Horseman’s Association

Richard Wright has judged such major horse shows as:

United States National Championships
United States Youth Nationals
National Show Horse Finals
Scottsdale All Arabian Horse Show
Free State Championship Show - Parys, South Africa
Region 16 Championships
Region 8 Championships
Region 14 Championships
National Show Horse District Championships
Minnesota Fall Fest Futurity Championships
Iowa Gold Star Futurity
2010 Summershow - Parys, South Africa
2011 Grand National & World Championship Morgan Show - Oklahoma City, OK

Richard Wright is currently licensed to judge Arabian/Half Arabian,
National Show Horse, Morgan, Saddle Seat and Saddlebred competitions.

To date Mr. Wright has personally trained and show horses to an award of United States or Canadian Top Ten or higher in the following divisions:

Halter, Park Horse, English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Country Pleasure, Formal Driving, Pleasure Driving, Country Pleasure Driving, Hunter, Show Hack and Mounted Native Costume.

In addition Richard has coached numerous amateurs to Regional and National awards and to date has coached four National Champion Saddle Seat Riders

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